One On One Film Training classes are, without question, the most efficient and effective way to learn filmmaking.

For years, I’ve been writing screenplays and directing stage plays. I’d wanted to move into film direction, but the only problem was, I didn’t have the time to spend a year or two attending film school. Solution – an individualized training program. One on One’s intensive individual workshops were specifically tailored to the type of film I wanted to shoot. Given Jeff and Eric’s years of experience, their instruction accelerated the learning curve process like no other film training course of study could.

In six four-hour workshops, Jeff provided reading materials, resources and instruction on the entire film process, from pre-production through post-production. He introduced me to Eric Mofford, an experienced, working producer who took charge of the project and assisted me every step of the way; a producer who knows how to do it all – and do it well. Jeff was also available to me throughout the film shoot AND after, providing guidance and support in order to ensure that my first short film was as good as it could possibly be. Jeff is mentor, advisor, consultant and friend all wrapped up in one ever-patient package – and he makes moviemaking a viable option for anyone whose passion is storytelling on film.

Diane Namm


I cannot recommend One on One Film Training highly enough.

I was so fortunate to work with Jeff when I directed and produced my first short film. Jeff is highly experienced, knowledgeable and an extremely talented filmmaker and teacher. He mentored me through every aspect of the filmmaking process, questioning me and encouraging me to make choices that worked for my film. He continued to support me as I navigated through the intense post production phase and introduced me to a fabulous editor when my original person had to pull out mid project.

Anne Renton


One on One Film Training was such a wealth of Information.

Eric Mofford’s mentoring skills and management abilities really helped direct me, to organize and define my story goals and budget restrictions. His creative input was unparalleled. As an acting teacher and coach, I understand the importance of kindness and motivation in teaching. He was always supportive. I highly recommend Eric for anyone looking for a mentor on the art and business of film and television production.

Celia Anne Browne
International Acting Coach & Teacher/Director


Eric’s Teaching is a defining mark in my career and I would recommend him to anyone.

Eric Mofford is rare in that he not only is a talented line producer, but also an effective and professional teacher of his craft. While I have enjoyed learning on sets and courses, there is nothing quite like having someone who has decades of experience guide you through standards of excellence while preparing you for the worst-case scenarios. What I valued most about his teaching style was that it was immersive, thorough, and hands on. We covered every stage of producing in-depth and touched on various roles and responsibilities in the industry such as locations, insurance, and talent.

Vernee Norman
Producer at Potential Energy Coalition


Before making movies (I was a trial lawyer for many years), I considered entering NYU film school.

I even went so far as to fill out the application. My daughter, who is a screen writer, then called to see if I might be interested in Jeff’s course which she had signed up for but, at the last minute, couldn’t make. Great break for me! In four days I learned enough about cinematography to allow me to jump right into making films rather than attending school. I’m not saying Jeff made me an instant expert, but with his rather extraordinary talent to teach – making even the most complex simple – and his great love of the craft, he did in fact equip me to complete my education on a film set. Having now made two films, I still use techniques I learned from Jeff.

Alan Hruska


This One On One crash course in film directing is an amazing idea…

…and Jeff Seckendorf is just the guy to deliver it. He’s not just a talented and accomplished director and DP, but a gifted teacher. He’s got a rare knack for making every topic challenging to the most experienced while keeping it fully accessible to the least experienced. With the unique chance to focus on one student at a time and tailor the lessons not only to that aspiring filmmaker’s needs but to the specific material, this program is going to be absolute dynamite.

Howard M. Gould
Executive Producer, CYBIL
Writer, Jeff Foxworthy Show, Home Improvement


Eric Mofford can best be described as fearless in his entire approach to media production.

Through out all of the peaks and valleys during the course of my career, Eric has stood by always coaching along sending positive messages of encouragement. Coupled with a heart and soul of gold without ever demonstrating an ounce of vindictive behavior–Something very difficult to do in an industry that involves as many drastic changes requiring as much nurturing as we sometimes all go through in our own personal journeys—a teacher as well as a survivor. Quiet Cool.

James Nussbaum
Galileo Productions, LLC


Knowledgeable, engaging, honest and encouraging are the qualities that Eric possessed as a mentor of mine that guided me through the filmmaking industry. I consider Eric a lifetime mentor.

Flanzie Thomas


I have taken directing classes at several different organizations, and this was BY FAR the best.

Suzette Kitselman


I learned more about what to do on set in one weekend than I did in four years of film school. it’s a great value and worth every penny.

Amanda Sweikew


The class exceeded my expectations. It was more practical and hands on than I expected.

Ken Minoti


Eric Harlan