Jeff Seckendorf

Position: Director / Director of Photography

I have a deep passion for education and training. In each iteration of my career I have always been driven by an element of training: in the film industry where I spent many years teaching workshops and founded One On One Film Training, a mentoring program for emerging directors; in scuba, where I created the industry’s first online education program; with the Training Cycle, where I train the trainers; and at Korn Ferry, where I created and managed visual content for those in career transition.

I have directed and photographed over 1000 TV commercials, feature films, and music videos. I’m an accomplished video editor and competent sound recordist and mixer. I started my career as a stills photographer at UPI – my photographs have been published in the NY Times, Time Magazine, Daily News, and many, many more.

During these decades I have created online, blended, and in-person training and curriculum in multiple fields. In my scuba company, Unified Team Diving, I created hundreds of multi-language online courses, wrote seven books, edited a magazine, and developed a software engine to deliver it all. In that role I also managed a team of 200+ instructors and provided customer service to approximately 5000 students. I was also the lead instructor-trainer.

And I have a very fun life. I race a bicycle on the track and on the road, am a former triathlete, flight instructor, competition aerobatic pilot, and big mountain trekker.