What our clients are saying:

This One On One crash course in film directing is an amazing idea and Jeff Seckendorf is just the guy to deliver it. He’s not just a talented and accomplished director and DP, but a gifted teacher. He’s got a rare knack for making every topic challenging to the most experienced while keeping it fully accessible to the least experienced…

Howard M. Gould
Executive Producer, CYBIL
Writer, Jeff Foxworthy Show, Home Improvement

He introduced me to Eric Mofford, an experienced, working producer who took charge of the project and assisted me every step of the way; a producer who knows how to do it all – and do it well.

Diane Namm


Welcome to One on One Film Training


Filmmaking is an interactive process that creates a relationship between you, the filmmaker, and your audience. You give the information, the audience processes it and develops a relationship with your characters. Most of that story is conveyed visually. Without a camera, you just have a podcast.

Directors and Producers have a story to tell. But how do you plan to tell that story visually? Can you maintain both narrative AND visual control of your movie? How do you convey your vision into a reality that others will see? Do you need coaching that is private, efficient, and economical? 

Meet One On One Film Training founder Jeff Seckendorf
and coach/instructor Eric Mofford. Click here for bios. 

One On One Film Training is not a film school, but a confidential consulting and mentoring program that teaches production and visual storytelling. It doesn’t matter if you plan to make a feature film or documentary, a series or video short, a commercial or music video – the process of filmmaking is much the same. 

Many of our clients have been actors, writers, and producers preparing to direct their first film. But regardless of whether you’ve spent a lifetime on set or are new to film and video production, we work with you to analyze your project and prepare you for the moment you step on set. 

We work with clients all over the world, both in person and via phone and internet. Our instructors are all working filmmakers who love to teach and share their on-set skills and experiences. 

Entry into the program begins with a consultation. During this first meeting we will discover if One On One Film Training is a good fit for you. Then we create a customized training syllabus which we review together. Once that’s in place and approved, the education begins. 

For more information and to schedule the consulting session, contact us or call us at 818-636-3008. We will get right back with you. We know you want to get started right away. Our privacy policy: we don’t share your information. Period. 

Check out our pricing to find the one that works best for you.