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Welcome to One On One Film Training.

Directors and Producers know their narrative story. But can you tell that story with a camera? Can you maintain both narrative AND visual control of your movie? Do you need training that is private, efficient, and economical?

Jeff and Eric

One On One Film Training founder Jeff Seckendorf
with instructor Eric Mofford. Click here for bios.

Filmmaking is an interactive process that creates a relationship between you, the filmmaker, and your audience. You give the audience a little information, they process it, and they slowly develop a relationship with your characters. Most of that story is conveyed visually. Remember, without the camera, you'd just have a podcast.

One On One Film Training is not film school, but a confidential consulting and mentoring program that teaches production and visual storytelling. It doesn't matter if you have a feature film or documentary, a series or video short, a commercial or music video, the process of filmmaking is much the same.

During the individual training you will work
One On One
with an instructor to discover how to tell your story through color, contrast, camera movement; a visual look-book, all the while staying organized through proper scheduling and production techniques. You'll learn how to collaborate with your cinematographer and production designer, break down a script, create shot lists and storyboards, decide the most appropriate format to shoot on, create the best post production workflow and decide the best distribution for your project.

Many of our clients are actors, writers, and producers preparing to direct their first film. But regardless of whether you've spent a lifetime on set or are new to film and video production, we will work with you to analyze your project and prepare you for the moment you step on set.

We work with clients all over the world, both in person and via phone and internet. We train directors, producers, cinematographers, and editors. Our instructors are all working filmmakers who love to teach and share their on-set experiences.

Entry into the program begins with a consultation. During this personal meeting we will discover if One On One Film Training is a good fit for you. Then we create a customized training syllabus which we review together. Once that's in place and approved, the education begins.

For more information and to schedule the consulting session, contact us and we will get right back to you. Or, call us at 818-636-3008. Our privacy policy: we don't share your information. Period.

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